Unkapt provides superior borrower experience. Issuers benefit from the speed and convenience of an online, cost-effective platform with an intuitive capital raising process to undertake their fundraising. Unkapt lowers the engagement barrier for issuers; increases their visibility for their capital raising exercise providing the issuers with implicit marketing; and allows them to get access to an increasing pool of investors. This in turn may create competitive tension among the investors to the benefit of the issuer.

Set the Offer

Obtain market visibility among
the investment community

Meet the right investors

Secure investment

Some of the non-equity Offers that can be made on Unkapt are:

Corporate bonds

Revenue entitlement notes™

Demand dividend


Investing in small to lower middle market businesses is highly speculative and carries high risks (including illiquidity and loss of investment). Unkapt is targeted exclusively at financially sophisticated investors that understand these risks. Investment decision should not be made solely on the information provided on Unkapt and before investing in any business about which information is given, prospective investors are strongly advised to seek detailed information and take appropriate professional advice.