About Unkapt

Unkapt is an alternative lending, cross-border capital raising platform offering APAC small and lower middle market issuers (SMEs) the opportunity to use innovative financing to raise capital among a network of accredited investors. It offers investee firms the opportunity to use, inter-alia, non-dilutive financing instruments for their capital issuance. Some of the non-dilutive financing instruments issuers can offer on Unkapt are:

Corporate bonds:

This allows SMEs to issue unrated fixed or floating debt security and provide an opportunity to investors to invest in the unlisted corporate bond market.

Revenue entitlement notes™ (RENts®):

Issuers can capitalise on their future revenue (and associated cash flow) to raise capital and service the funding off that top line. Revenue entitlement notes™ mitigate issues related to, inter-alia, valuation gap and investment exit, and provide investment returns certainty to investors.

Demand dividend:

Demand dividend, a medium term debt financing instrument, is akin to revenue entitlement notes™ save for the repayment is made out of free cash flow rather than top line.

On the buy-side, Unkapt provides investors with the opportunity to access and invest into curated deals at no cost to them. Investors are able to expand their deal pipeline through Unkapt and explore non-equity investment opportunities, which provide investors with income yield positions to build on their existing investment mandate and/or as part of their investment portfolio diversification. The following are some of the groups that can benefit from using Unkapt:

  • Sophisticated/accredited individuals
  • Family offices (SFO/MFO)
  • Wealth managers
  • Impact investors
  • Banks
  • Credit funds
  • Venture debt providers
  • Insurance companies

Unkapt provides investors with investment opportunities in the following sectors:


Health tech





Investing in small to lower middle market businesses is highly speculative and carries high risks (including illiquidity and loss of investment). Unkapt is targeted exclusively at financially sophisticated investors that understand these risks. Investment decision should not be made solely on the information provided on Unkapt and before investing in any business about which information is given, prospective investors are strongly advised to seek detailed information and take appropriate professional advice.