Unkapt is fundamentally a lower cost operating model, which predominantly is due to its online capabilities and the intrinsic features of the platform. It improves on the investor value proposition. Investors can get access to quality deal flows through the platform and undertake a faster evaluation on potential investments 'listed' on Unkapt. Unkapt provides investors with the opportunity to participate in (or increase their participation) in the alternative asset class. This provides an improved portfolio diversity for investors; ensures their portfolio are subject to less headwind volatility for these private investments; and may provide attractive risk-adjusted returns (in part due to market inefficiencies).

Access to curated deals

Browse individual
investment candidates

Undertake instantaneous preliminary review

Perform due diligence
& start investing


Investing in small to lower middle market businesses is highly speculative and carries high risks (including illiquidity and loss of investment). Unkapt is targeted exclusively at financially sophisticated investors that understand these risks. Investment decision should not be made solely on the information provided on Unkapt and before investing in any business about which information is given, prospective investors are strongly advised to seek detailed information and take appropriate professional advice.